Interactive Online Circular Strategy Session with The Blue Connection

Thursday, November 26th 2020

1 PM - 4:30 PM, CET – Central European Time

Wherever you are...Online!

Let’s move from talking about the transformation from linear to circular business models to experiencing it first-hand. Inchainge and EY invite you to explore the world’s most advanced circular business simulation as part of an interactive online circular strategy session.

The online program of the event that is sponsored by EY, combines keynote speeches from companies showcasing their circular journey and a deep dive into a virtual company, where participants themselves will be in charge of the cross-functional circular transformation.

This free event is a perfect fit for C-level and middle management who want to drive the circular economy thinking in their company. We are welcoming people from diverse areas like purchasing, sales, finance, supply chain and sustainability as well as start-ups and experienced circular economy drivers. Get informed, get inspired, get connected, get active!

The circular strategy business simulation – The Blue Connection – aims at helping companies and individuals gain insights into the opportunities and challenges of adopting circular strategies.

Together with all the other participants, you will act as the management of a manufacturing company. By voting on strategic decisions, you will be designing and executing a circular strategy: deciding on the strategy, suppliers to source from, the quality and recyclability of materials to buy, the cost and process of reusing, recycling and repairing – in other words, the sort of challenges that any real business currently has to deal with.

The keynote speakers:

  • Wilhelm Mauß, Managing Director of the German company LORENZ, who is a true defender of circular business models. LORENZ is producing water meters in the South East of Germany and achieves substantial material savings thanks to a circular production and business model. LORENZ has received many awards for its digitalization and circular economy solutions.
  • Erland Riis Lavsen is an experienced circular business developer who worked with several corporates to combine a sustainability strategy with financial goals that works in practise. His keynote: “From promise to delivery of a circular business model” Real case examples from one of the world’s largest retailers to mid-size companies and start-ups of how to overcome the challenge of making circularity work in reality.

Preliminary Program:

13:00 Introduction to the circular economy by EY

13:20 – Introduction to The Blue Connection

13:40 – Interactive circular strategy session Part 1

14:15 – Erland Riis Lavsen, making circularity work in reality

14:40 – Networking

14:55 – Interactive circular strategy session Part 2

15:30 – Wilhelm Mauß, circular strategy of Lorenz

15:55 – Debrief of circular strategy decisions and final results

16:10 – Q&A and concluding remarks

In case of any questions please contact: Noah Schaul – n.schaul@inchainge.com

Big thank you to EY, the sponsor of this event, and to our collaboration partners Production Management Institute GmbH and TUM International!



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