Data Analytics Training with The Fresh Connection

Wednesday, September 15th 2021

15:00 - 17:00 , CEST (UTC+2)

Wherever you are...Online!

Important note: This training is ONLY for certified educators or trainers of The Fresh Connection.

Join us and be one of the first to be trained for Data Analytics Hands-on with our Supply Chain Business Game, The Fresh Connection.


The learning outcome of this 2-hour training are:

  • Understand and discover the learning objectives and approach of Data Analytics Hands-on
  • Learn how to incorporate data analytics with The Fresh Connection into your course/training program 
  • Discover the available assignments and education materials for Data Analytics Hands-on 


With Data Analytics Hands-on, participants in your course/training will learn to: 

  • See the added value of data
  • Select and combine (cross-functional) data in a meaningful way
  • Analyze with datasets (explore)
  • Design visual, meaningful dashboards (explain)
  • Make the right decisions based on the new insights


Want to know more? Watch the Data Analytics Hands-On Webinar below with Egge Haak where he explains what it is about.


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