Free Whitepaper: What is the Integrated Learning Approach?

White paper on the Integrated Learning Approach
by Ed Weenk, MSc PDEng

The Integrated Learning Approach, aka Ed’s principles, seeks to provide a complete and coherent, yet practical framework to support the learner’s journey. This concept is built on the foundation of Kolb’s learning cycle of experiential learning and other related learning styles. It aims to directly link theoretical knowledge to development of skills through active participation in learning. With this approach, you will reach the highest learning effect. Ed’s principles include the powerful and proven concept of experiential learning: the interwoven theoretical and practical approach. The Integrated Learning Approach encourages learning by doing by incorporating business simulation game(s) into the framework. The purpose of using a business simulation is twofold: it provides the basis for the essential step of obtaining experience as part of the learning cycle and at the same time the gamification element provokes higher degrees of learner engagement.

This white paper includes:

The foundation: Kolb’s concepts
of experiential learning

Defining an Integrated Learning Approach

How to design a course with
an Integrated Learning Approach

Linking the integrated Learning Approach
to Kolb’s foundational concepts

"Many students learn best when they are actively doing things and not only studying ideas in the abstract: when their curiosity is aroused, when they are asking questions, discovering new ideas, and feeling for themselves the excitement of these disciplines."
– Ken Robinson and Lou Aronica (2015)