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The Inchainge Leadership Program

The Inchainge Leadership Program is driven by the power of experiential learning. In other words, it is a lot like learning how to ride a bike - you learn it by doing it.

Inchainge facilitates learning solutions for corporates worldwide. With our business games in value chain management, we have educated thousands of professionals. Are you ready to start your learning experience?


Hans Kremer

At Inchainge, we are trying to create impact. And what do we mean by by creating impact? We develop Value Chain Leaders, as we call them.


Michiel Steeman

Value Chain Leaders with the right knowledge, with the right experience, with the right tools can really make a difference in this world.


Egge Haak

The built business simulations, you don't play them on your own, but you play them in a team. That creates a very nice blend of learning hard skills and soft skills. We believe that learning by experience is a very powerful and a very lasting learning. And we oftentimes get the question if Inchainge is a software provider or solution provider, and I'd like to think that we are a solution provider. So we come up with a solution for companies that need to optimize their value chain or supply chain, and the solution that we bring to the table is to take them through a program of experiential learning. Actually, I believe Inchainge is a company that delivers learning experience, and software is just the tool for delivering that.


Michiel Steeman

The Blue Connection really started from my professorship at Windesheim, where I focus on the physical and financial supply chain, and how these two work together. So we took the core of The Cool Connection, which is the business game on Supply Chain Finance. And we took that to another level and created a circular business game, focusing on circular economy, which became The Blue Connection.


Hans Kremer

The Fresh Connection business game is generally focused on supply chain management. Supply Chain Management, in our view, is a team sport, each company, no matter what their size is, and each organization, has in some shape or form a supply chain, and for those supply chains to run well, people need to work together. That's often lacking, people are disaligned, focused on their own functional silos and that's what The Fresh Connection tries to solve to make people work together and become alligned and run the supply chain successfully.


Egge Haak

We have The Cool Connection, we saw there was a big need out there in bridging that gap between the finance community and the supply chain community. These people tend to talk a different language, so building that bridge between these two communities in a company was one of the main messages we want to bring across.


Hans Kremer

We deliver, for all of our simulations, already at level of bachelor students, all the way up to the boardroom of companies.


Michiel Steeman

Inchainge has grown tremendously over the past couple years, even though Corona was happening and the crisis was materializing. We noticed, of course, that impact learning, experiential learning, and remote learning really caught on in that period. But on top of that, we can see that our topics on supply chain and circular economy resonate very well with our clients. And we, of course, are extremely pleased that we can actually create an impact by reaching so many professionals and so many students around the world. In the end, that's our mission as a company - to develop value chain leaders that can make a difference in this world.

Our business games

Experience balancing the 3P's (People, Planet, Prosperity) of sustainability in a realistic virtual environment!

The Triple Connection engages its participants in implementing a sustainable strategy for a virtual chocolate milk manufacturer. They will be compelled to make decisions that are critical to maintain a fair balance between profitability and sustainability.

The Ultimate Value Chain Experience

Experience the power of true alignment and a well-articulated supply chain strategy, supported by tactical skills and knowledge. Tear down functional silos and create the right cross functional mindset.

The Fresh Connection simulation immerses its participants in turning around a virtual manufacturer of fruit juices. Faced with declining performance, the management team must get the company back on track as soon as possible!

Bridging the Physical and Financial Value Chain

Experience how Management of Working Capital is essential to a company's fundamental financial health. Learn how to shorten the Cash Conversion Cycle to boost bottom line. Get an understanding of Supply Chain Finance (SCF), deal with currency- and market risks, trade, and much more.

The Cool Connection simulation engages its participants in making strategic decisions in the management of a virtual manufacturing company of personal care products.

Experience a Circular Future

Learn how to adopt a circular approach! Transition away from a take-make-dispose linear production towards circular business models. Allow goods to be designed and produced for extended use, disassembly, reuse and recycling from the outset.

The Blue Connection simulation submerges its participants in the transformation from a linear to a circular value chain by implementing a circular strategy for a virtual e-bike manufacturer. Experience the circular way of doing business for a sustainable future!

Why Experiential Learning?

Develop your hard & soft skills and stay ahead of the game.

It is a powerful way of learning. When you start implementing your theoretical knowledge into life-like activities you begin to recognize the difference. Whether it is the ambition to grow in your company or towards a promotion, you have to develop a great set of soft and hard skills. This is where experiential learning comes to play!

Get your certificate and prove your professional growth.

A great way to showcase your progress is through certificates.It is true that a single certificate cannot contain all your talents but it certainly gives the recruiter or your manager an overview of what you might be capable of. Add it to your LinkedIn profile with one click!

Beat your competition on the labor market and get your dream job!

Competition in the labor market will get tougher by the day but so will you! You can make each day a new learning experience and every time you complete a course you feel like you are one more step ahead of the competition. A great way for you to develop your own skill set!

Real life skills

Many employability skills that employers are seeking can only be learned in “real life” employment situations. Experiential Learning provides an unique way in developing these skills through “learning by doing”. This will give you an outstanding chance on the labor market.

Engaged learning

Engaged learning is the process in which participants actively participate in their learning. From the beginning you’ll collaborate with peers and face challenges in a virtual business. Learn at your own pace with our pre-recorded sessions and practice with our business games, to successfully deal with these challenges.

Real-World experience

With the ability to apply theory to practice you’ll receive constant & immediate feedback. This method enables the chance to work on your hard and soft skills at the same time. Real-world experience opens the path to gaining resume experience without applying for a job! Learn, experience, and practice is the solution for your CV.

Follow, learn and engage
with expert trainers and professionals!

Our expert trainers will guide and support you with your learning experience. At all our events, you can follow presentations given by professionals from the field. To top it off, you’ll get the chance to work with our professionals to coach you on how to translate your learnings into daily activities.

Take your learning journey to the next level!

Our value

Experiential Learning uniquely represent a powerful bridge for motivated students to become talented professionals. The business game is an excellent way to think through what those theoretical models mean on a day-to-day basis in a job.

With the business games of Inchainge, you can professionally develop both the soft and the hard skills. I’ve noticed that when people read essential information, very little actually sticks to the brain. Experiential learning is a powerful method solve this problem. You’ll be able to experiment with the business game, naturally make economic mistakes, and instantly reflect with other motivated people in your collaborative team.

With the business game you’ll also discover what you will need for the business in a sustainable industry and what this means for the key stakeholders around you. This is a brilliant way to kickstart the scaling of circular economy within companies.

Marloes Bergevoet,
Sr Marketing & Communications Manager at BNP Paribas

Experiential Learning is a exceptionally valuable method to explore the essential understanding of circular economy and how to implement this in the real world.

The business game enables driven people to transpose themselves in the game and rapidly understand what impact circularity has. Both in the daily life and for modern businesses in a circular industry. This unique way of working is remarkably attractive and joyful. People are very eager to learn and develop their hard and soft skills. The Blue Connection specifically is really showcasing how different circular business models can work. It gives insight in refurbishing, reparability and also product as a service. In my opinion, I think that the product as a service is a significantly big enabler of the circular economy. This is a big game changer in worldwide industries. The Blue Connection helps many young professionals to grasp what circularity really means and how this can be implemented in a real case.

Jérôme Petry,
Deputy Director Sustainable Technologies,
le Gouvernement du Grand-duché de Luxembourg, Ministère de l’Économie

The transition to a circular economy is a do-or-die choice facing business and society. More and more companies are willing to make the journey, but still lack the necessary insight, skills and tools to succeed. “Mastering the Circular Economy” is a must-have guidebook for transforming business into a proactive force for good.

This vital e-book by Rozanne Henzen and Ed Weenk will broaden your perspective on the circular economy, deepen your knowledge and raise your aspirations to do more and better. The chapters weave together important concepts and best practice examples, while offering helpful tools to turn ideas into reality. This e-book gives vital clues to how we can and must avoid overshoot and collapse in nature, society and the economy. I highly recommend it.

Prof. Dr. Wayne Visser,
Fellow at Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL)
Professor at Antwerp Management School

Choose your learning experience!

Resilience Hands-On
Experience a resilient value chain

How can a company respond to unexpected events and recover from disruptions?

This is the key question we aim to tackle during the program of Resilience Hands-On, but not on paper, but by taking action.

The 3 week-long program Resilience Hands-On aims to go from abstract ideas to real change and thereby substantially increase the speed to achieve resilient value chains.

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Circularity Hands-On
Experience a circular transition

Experience the opportunities and challenges of a circular business transition!

“Circular Economy isn’t for us”, “what’s in it for me?”, “We’re already recycling, Isn’t that circular enough” – do you recognize those statements from within your company?

Or are you already trying to create a buzz, circular task-forces, or even testing the first comprehensive circular strategies? The 3 week-long program Circularity Hands-On aims to go from abstractideas to real change and thereby substantially increase the speed of the circular transition.

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What is a Hands-on event?

Hands-On events are part of the Inchainge Leadership Program. These are social events that bring you together with other professionals who share your interests. They allow you not only to deepen your theoretical knowledge but also to have a unique “learning by doing” experience through the use of business games. You’ll also learn from the best practices and the experiences of experts during deep dives.

You can sign up on your own or together with your colleagues. The event programs are very flexible, making it easy for you and your team to meet up at the most convenient time!

Can I participate Individually?

Yes. When signing up, you can choose to register individually. We will take care of teaming you up with other participants.

Can I participate with colleagues?

Of course. When signing up, you can select the number of colleagues you want to sign up with and create your own teams.

Remember that each team should have a maximum of 4 participants.

How can I sign up for an event?

Go to the section “Choose your learning experience“ and then click on the hands-on event that you’re interested in. Scroll to the bottom of the page and fill in the registration form.

What is a business game?

A business game is an interactive business simulation game used as an educational tool for practicing business-related concepts. Such games imitate real-life situations and rely on experiential learning. Advantages include learning by doing, interactive learning, and cost reduction.