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Why Experiential Learning?

Develop your hard & soft skills and stay ahead of the game.

Get your certificate and prove your professional growth.

Beat your competition on the labor market and get your dream job!

Real life skills

Many employability skills that employers are seeking can only be learned in “real life” employment situations. Experiential Learning provides an unique way in developing these skills through “learning by doing”. This will give you an outstanding chance on the labor market.

Engaged learning

Engaged learning is the process in which participants actively participate in their learning. From the beginning you’ll collaborate with peers and face challenges in a virtual business. Learn at your own pace with our pre-recorded sessions and practice with our business games, to successfully deal with these challenges.

Real-World experience

With the ability to apply theory to practice you’ll receive constant & immediate feedback. This method enables the chance to work on your hard and soft skills at the same time. Real-world experience opens the path to gaining resume experience without applying for a job! Learn, experience, and practice is the solution for your CV.

About Inchainge Leadership Program

Business Games
& Experiential Learning

The Inchainge Leadership Program is the Ultimate Learning Experience for students in higher education! It consists of exclusive online courses related to Value Chain and Circularity guided by expert trainers. The courses include the world’s leading business games (The Fresh Connection, The Blue Connection, or The Cool Connection) as their foundation. The program is driven by the power of experiential learning. It facilitates the development of hard & soft skills. It helps bridge the gap between acquisition of theoretical knowledge and generation of skills through active participation in learning. Especially when it is applied in a team-based learning setting.

Develop your leadership skills!

Get the unique opportunity to discover your leadership style with the help of the Belbin test, and professional leadership coaches. Which team role is for you? Everybody tends to behave in a particular way when working with others. The Belbin test identifies nine team roles and helps you explore which one (or combination of multiple) suits you the best!

To support you even more, we developed a unique leadership workbook!

Join the premium course to receive this workbook and continue with your professional development!

Follow, learn and engage
with expert trainers and professionals!

Our expert trainers will guide and support you with your learning experience. With our premium package, you can follow presentations given by professionals from the field. To top it off, you’ll get the chance to work with a professional leadership coach to dive into your leadership skills even further. Take your learning journey to the next level!

Circular Strategy into Action

Get noticed by your future employer with Circularity and business strategy. Brought to you by the Inchainge Leadership Program.

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Get the Most Out of the course with the e-book:

Mastering the Circular Economy
by Ed Weenk and Rozanne Henzen

Take your circular skills & knowledge to the next level!

The Blue Connection is an innovative web-based business simulation game. You’ll engage in the transitioning of a linear to a circular value chain by implementing a circular strategy for a virtual e-bike manufacturer. In teams of 4, participants will represent the functional roles of VP Finance, VP Purchasing, VP Supply Chain, and VP Sales.

Enhance your employability chances
with real-world experience!

After successfully completing your course and passing the exam, you’ll receive your own, invaluable certificate. Proudly display your earned certificate to all your friends, competition and your future employer! Earning your certificate is earning your way into the doors of your dream job.

Our value

Experiential Learning uniquely represent a powerful bridge for motivated students to become talented professionals. The business game is an excellent way to think through what those theoretical models mean on a day-to-day basis in a job.

With the business games of Inchainge, you can professionally develop both the soft and the hard skills. I’ve noticed that when people read essential information, very little actually sticks to the brain. Experiential learning is a powerful method solve this problem. You’ll be able to experiment with the business game, naturally make economic mistakes, and instantly reflect with other motivated people in your collaborative team.

With the business game you’ll also discover what you will need for the business in a sustainable industry and what this means for the key stakeholders around you. This is a brilliant way to kickstart the scaling of circular economy within companies.

Marloes Bergevoet,
Sr Marketeer at ING Wholesale Banking

Experiential Learning is a exceptionally valuable method to explore the essential understanding of circular economy and how to implement this in the real world.

The business game enables driven people to transpose themselves in the game and rapidly understand what impact circularity has. Both in the daily life and for modern businesses in a circular industry. This unique way of working is remarkably attractive and joyful. People are very eager to learn and develop their hard and soft skills. The Blue Connection specifically is really showcasing how different circular business models can work. It gives insight in refurbishing, reparability and also product as a service. In my opinion, I think that the product as a service is a significantly big enabler of the circular economy. This is a big game changer in worldwide industries. The Blue Connection helps many young professionals to grasp what circularity really means and how this can be implemented in a real case.

Jérôme Petry,
Deputy Director Sustainable Technologies,
le Gouvernement du Grand-duché de Luxembourg, Ministère de l’Économie

The transition to a circular economy is a do-or-die choice facing business and society. More and more companies are willing to make the journey, but still lack the necessary insight, skills and tools to succeed. “Mastering the Circular Economy” is a must-have guidebook for transforming business into a proactive force for good.

This vital e-book by Rozanne Henzen and Ed Weenk will broaden your perspective on the circular economy, deepen your knowledge and raise your aspirations to do more and better. The chapters weave together important concepts and best practice examples, while offering helpful tools to turn ideas into reality. This e-book gives vital clues to how we can and must avoid overshoot and collapse in nature, society and the economy. I highly recommend it.

Prof. Dr. Wayne Visser,
Fellow at Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL)
Professor at Antwerp Management School

Choose your learning journey!

What’s included in the standard package?

  • Experience the transition of a linear to circular value chain with our business game The Blue Connection. You’ll play 6 rounds in total (2 each week).
  • Follow four live sessions guided by one of our expert trainers
  • Explore your leadership style and team role with the Belbin test
  • Expand your circularity knowledge with the e-book Mastering the Circular Economy!
  • Receive a certificate of achievement after taking the final (online) exam!
  • You can sign up individually or participate with your friends! Send a mail to if you want to participate with your own team (only complete teams of 4 allowed).

Go next level with our premium package!

  • Everything from the standard package
  • Follow an exclusive presentation by a professional about the circular transformation of a real company!
  • Dive into your leadership style with the unique workbook: ‘Leadership with The Blue Connection’
  • Become a leader! Engage with a professional leadership coach and get feedback/advice to use in your future job!

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Circular strategy into action standard

Students only

Workload of 30 hours

5-week course

E-book, final exam and certificate included

4 live sessions

Leadership: Belbin-test

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€121 (incl. VAT)

Circular strategy into action premium

Students only

Workload of 32 hours

5-week course

E-book, final exam and certificate included

4 live sessions

Leadership: Belbin-test, leadership workbook and professional coach

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€181.50 (incl. VAT)