As of 12 noon (CEST) Monday, May 4, all teams can log in again and go to the Ranking screen to view their pool and global ranking, as well as the participants' individual rankings. Below is a preview of the most remarkable results of round 1 of stage 2.

This first round of The Fresh Connection Global PRO Challenge 2020 proved to be tough round. The average score of all teams was around minus 6.2%, whereas all teams started with a score of around minus 4% in round zero. Let’s take a closer look at the details.

The Global Top 5 tells us the following. With an ROI of 13.0% a Japanese team called GPCJP - Team 4, scores best overall. In second place is a team from Turkey, Aygaz with an ROI of 12.3%, followed in third place by a Polish team: Oriflame with 11.9%. Fourth is another team from Poland: Avon Naturalnie with an ROI of 11.3% and in fifth place after round 1 is a team from France: Essilor, with 11.0%.

This round

This round brings a new theme with related decisions and settings, so you will have more options to improve your team’s performance. But as you know The Fresh Connection is all about trade offs, so with options to do better, comes more complexity at the same time. So how will you handle this? Use the learning environment that you are in to your advantage, and apply your findings.

Questions and support

If you have questions about the game or are in need of (technical) support, you can click on the support button inside the game (top right corner). If you are not able to log in, you can send an email to Please always mention your organization name, team name, user name and userID. We will respond within 24 hours (during business days).

Kind regards and good luck!

The Fresh Connection

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