On Monday at 12 noon (CEST), October 25, everybody can log in once more, to see what their team result, and final ranking have become in The Fresh Connection Global PRO Challenge Fall Edition.

We congratulate all teams that have won their pool. Those teams have set another big step towards the online Global PRO Final this November. Below you can read a preview of what happened in round 3.

Round 3 opened 2 weeks ago on October 11. In this round the team average grew decidedly into positive territory by increasing to a solid plus 6%, from well over 3% in Round 2. The best score in Round 3 came close to the highscore overall in the past 6 weeks. It was set by a team from China, CCCC - The Team of CCCC First Highway Engineering Group, with an ROI of 26.1%, so they rank first in this round. In second place we have another team from China, CCCC - The Team of CCCC Second Harbor Engineering Company Ltd scoring 21.5%. Third in Round 3 is a Polish team, Avon - Team 2, that scores 20.4%. In 4th place there is another Polish team, Oriflame - Global Planning scoring 19.8% ROI, and finally in 5th place there is a team from Turkey, Arzum - Arzum Magic with an ROI of 19.7%. All 5 teams mentioned also make up the final ranking after 3 rounds, be it in a somewhat different sequence. To know more about these and your own team's details, please revisit the game!

Thank you

We would like to thank all teams for being a part of the Global PRO Challenge Fall edition 2021. With the help of your hard work and dedication, you literally played a big role in making it a success. Please follow the updates from our business partners that you registered with, about how your learning journey continues. Once again, thank you and kind regards!

The Fresh Connection

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