On Monday, October 11, at noon (CEST), all participants can log back in and take a look at how their ROI, KPIs and individual results have developed. Perhaps more importantly, the Ranking screens are updated with the ROI scores of round 2, and the weighted ROI scores after round 2. Some words about what happened in the Top 5 can be read below.

In round 2, the average of all company team results remained practically unchanged, the average ROI decreased slightly to 3,5% positive, whereas in round 1 the average ROI was 3.6%. Still close to 60% of the company teams scored better in round 2, than they did in round 1, even though round 2 was more complex and included some surprises. You are all on a steep learning curve!

The round 2 ranking of the Global Top 5 is partially the same as for round 1. Team CCCC - The Team of CCCC Second Harbor Engineering Company Ltd from China, scored best in round 2 with 29.1% ROI, and the team now also ranks first overall, based on weighted ROI. Ranking second in round 2, and fourth overall, is a newcomer in the Top 5, Avon - Team 2 from Poland. Their round 2 score is 21.9% ROI. In third place in round 2, with 20.9% ROI, is a Turkish team Arzum - Arzum Magic. Overall, they now rank second. Ranking fourth in round 2, and now third overall - scoring 19.9% ROI - is a second team from China, CCCC - The Team of CCCC First Highway Engineering Group. In fifth place in round 2 and also overall, is another newcomer in the Top5, an Italian team, McCormick - L.E.S.S. is juice, with a round 2 ROI of 18.3%.

Round 3

Let's prepare for round 3, your final chance to improve the business results of The Fresh Connection. Analyse the outcomes of round 2, for some teams things may have gone different than expected or hoped, whether good or bad. No matter the outcomes, please consider it as an opportunity to learn and to recover. And remember, this 3rd round weighs the heaviest in the final ranking, so a lot can still happen. Try to be ambitious, but do not become reckless!

Questions and support

If you have questions about the game or are in need of (technical) support, you can click on the support button inside the game (top right corner). If you are not able to log in, you can send an email to support@thefreshconnection.biz. Please always mention your organization name, team name, user name and userID. We will respond within 24 hours (during business days).

Kind regards and good luck!

The Fresh Connection

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