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These days life is restricted, everyone is looking for a way to escape.
Stay connected, develop your skills & meet your peers from around the globe!

The ultimate value chain experience

Venture to a virtual world where you are Vice President. You control The Fresh Connection and its Value Chain. Will it be bankruptcy or global domination?

Take action

Opportunities, problems, penalties, waste, costs, overtime, profit, inventories and obsoletes, it is all your call. Alignment is key!

Sink into a new virtual experience

Connect with your RPX peers from all over the globe. Get connected and work in a virtual team. Let your learning journey begin.

We Develop Value Chain Leaders

The Fresh Connection (TFC) is the world’s leading online Value Chain strategy game. It is also the name of a fictional fruit juice producer on the brink of collapse.

Many professionals from reputable companies have preceded you in recent years:

40% of the top 100 manufacturing in the Fortune Global 50040%
50% of the Gartner Supply Chain Top 2550%
40% of the Global Top 10 of 3rd Party Logistics Providers40%

About The Fresh Connection

Participants run this virtual company in teams of four. Their biggest challenge is to collaborate as a team to make the best strategic and tactical decisions for the Value Chain of The Fresh Connection, in order to save it from the abyss. Team members will learn that alignment is key, whilst at the same time they will improve their end-to-end value chain understanding.

Key Take Aways


The impact of value chain management on business performance in a competitive simulation environment. Experience the importance of cross-functional and strategic alignment for a high-performing value chain!

Virtual Teamwork

Work together in teams of 4 to manage the end-to-end value chain. Work in a virtual team online with peers of the RPX club from around the globe. Each team member gets a role in the virtual company. Seize the opportunity for cross-cultural collaboration in a diverse setting!

Learning & Development

Learn and Develop by drawing out key challenges and issues in Team Dynamics and Value Chain Trade Offs. Improve your end-to-end value chain understanding. Collaboration in virtual teams and access to e-learning to add extra dimension to developing your soft and hard skills.

Learn by Experience Online | Collaborate in a virtual team

A complex world requires experiential learning


Sign up as an individual for EUR 50.
Connect with RPX players worldwide and get to know your team!


5 rounds of The Fresh Connection (Team interaction: 8 hours)
6 Debrief Videos & RPX Pro community (2-3 hours)


Self-paced online course
Time schedule depends on your team!
A new course starts every Monday at 2 PM CEST
Course expiration: one month after start date

Optional Preparation Modules

E-Learning modules from the Value Chain Academy
Topics: SC Strategy, S&OP/IBP and Inventory Management
Price: EUR 25 per module including Certificate



Register as an individual and you will be assigned to your team when the course start. A team consists of 4 participants. Each member will take a different role in the virtual company (your decision). We make the teams and you make the team work!


We aim to keep people connected in these challenging times and are offering RPX at only a fraction of the original price.
RPX experience: €50 (85% discount!) excluding PayPal fee.

Register now – Pay later
Payment via PayPal (instructions sent by email after registration).


Self-paced online course
Time schedule depends on your team
A new course starts every Monday at 2 PM CEST
Course expires one month after your start date.


Optional E-learning modules
Price: €25 per module including certificate.
Available for purchase after registration
(instructions sent by email after registration)

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Time schedule RPX online experience

A new RPX experience starts every Monday at 2 PM CEST!

This course is self-paced, meaning you can create your own time schedule together with your team!

  • Your course expires one month after your start date, meaning that you have one month to finish all 5 rounds whenever it seems more fit for you and your team. Want to finish all rounds in 1 day or in 4 weeks? No problem at all.
  • You have complete freedom to decide with your team when to meet up and when to play each round, but make sure to take into account your course expiration date.
  • After your course expires, you will no longer be able to access the business simulation or debrief videos.
  • Tip: When planning, take differences in time zones into account!

*At the start of each round when you enter the simulation you get an information screen with the entry code for your Instruction or Debrief Video.

Friday Meet & Greet at the virtual bar in aula

Every month we will organize a virtual Meet & Greet in Aula where you can have a chat in the bar and get to know all of your RPX peers!

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